July 4, 2022


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23 Money-Saving Tips That People Say Have Helped Them Save A Ton – BuzzFeed

21. "Whenever I have used my debit card, I go on to my bank.......


“Whenever I have used my debit card, I go on to my banking app and transfer the change into my savings. For example if I have $212.87, I will transfer the 87 cents or $2.87 if I can afford it.”

“It adds up quickly, and you don’t miss it. Plus if you need it, you can transfer it back fast. I know there are various apps that do this, but I find it quicker, easier, and free to do it myself.”


If you’d rather have your change go to your savings automatically, you can check out apps like Qapital or see if your bank offers automatic transfers like Bank of America’s Keep the Change program. Or if you’re interested in investing, you can set up your Acorns account to invest your change.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/meganeliscomb/money-saving-tips-flipped