July 4, 2022


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8 Painless Ways for Seniors to Save Money – Money Talks News

fizkes / Shutterstock.comRetirement is your time to kick back and relax. But it’s hard to enjoy y.......

fizkes / Shutterstock.com

Retirement is your time to kick back and relax. But it’s hard to enjoy yourself if you’re constantly worried about your money situation.

Fortunately, there are super simple ways to save hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars each year. Whether you are trying to stretch limited dollars or just want to keep more cash in the bank, here are some easy ways to trim expenses.

1. Lower your cellphone bill

A cellphone is a virtual necessity nowadays. From video chats with the grandkids to using GPS to get to your next vacation spot, a cellphone makes life simpler and more enjoyable.

Convenience doesn’t come cheap though. The average cellphone bill is more than $125 a month, and Consumer Reports says plans for major carriers can be as much as $240 a month, depending on the number of lines and service selected.

That’s a lot of money — as much as $2,880 per year.

But you can get cheaper service. With our cellphone comparison tool, you’ll be able to quickly compare plans from 40 different carriers and find one that fits your life and saves you money. For every $10 you chop off your monthly bill, that’s an additional $120 in your pocket at the end of the year.

Your savings could be much, much more. Compare the best cellphone plans and see how much you could save.

2. Cancel unwanted subscriptions (without even picking up the phone)

Remember when you used to be able to buy software for your computer and it was a one-time purchase? Not anymore. Now you have to pay a subscription fee to keep using it year after year.

In fact, it seems …….

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