July 4, 2022


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‘Boxtumes’: Last minute money saving costumes – WQOW TV News 18

If you're looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume look no fu.......

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume look no further than a carboard box.

Turns out that’s all you need for a creative costume at a low cost.

When it comes to making ‘boxtumes’ you can make creative things like an emoji, a lego, a rubix cube or a box for a toy superhero.

The necessities for the ‘boxtumes’ are simple:

Start with a box, scissors, masking tape, spray adhesive, ink, printer paper and giftwrap or paint.

The first step; take your box and measure what shape or design you want to cut yours in with a pencil.

Then cut your box to the shape your design.

The next step now is to paint your box or wrap it in giftwrap.

Once you get that done it is time to add whatever you want to really go all out like stickers, glitter or a design you can print off at home and cut out.

After this you want to dress up accordingly for your costume.

The final step is to try on your ‘boxtume’

Two Men and a Truck Eau Claire Marketing Manager, or ‘Boxtume’ Expert, Sally Flinck thinks that making your own costume is a great activity.

“There is something special and fun about making your own costume versus buying it at the store. I think it creates a great family time. It creates a great activity to do with your kids especially in these times where we’re trying not to go out quite as much,” Flinck said. 

Source: https://www.wqow.com/news/chippewa-valley/boxtumes-last-minute-money-saving-costumes/article_18e186e6-377d-11ec-89fa-07ec019502f5.html