July 4, 2022


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Get Organized! Library Extension: Saving you time and money – Anniston Star

We've all done it. You're looking for a book and you go to Amazon.c.......

We’ve all done it. You’re looking for a book and you go to Amazon.com. You see the price. But before clicking the button to buy, a thought crosses your mind. 

I wonder if …

You think to yourself, “I wonder if my local library has the book.” That’s the thought. So, you open another browser tab and navigate to the site for that library. Maybe there’s also a site, such as Hoopla (hoopladigital.com), to download the book digitally. You log in there as well to check.

Over the next few minutes, you log out of one site and into another to conduct the search for this particular book. What if you could look in one place and see it all? That’s what “Library Extension” does.

How to Use “Library Extension”

“Library Extension” is a free Chrome extension. Go to the Chrome Web Store. Search for “Library Extension,” and click to install. 

The icon for Library Extension now appears in the Chrome toolbar at the upper right part of the screen. It looks like a little stack of books. 

Next, identify the different libraries with whom you have an account. Look for an “Add” button. Search …….

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