July 4, 2022


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How a pink liquid could save Ashland money on maintaining streets – Ashland Source

ASHLAND — Maintaining streets is a costly endeavor.But Ashland's .......

ASHLAND — Maintaining streets is a costly endeavor.

But Ashland’s city officials hope to at least postpone some of those steep costs with a pink liquid promised to “rejuvenate” asphalt pavement.

City council voted in early September to spend around $69,000 on the product — a price officials said would buy 2,925 gallons and extend the life of 15 newly paved streets in Ashland by up to five years.

Shane Kremser, the city’s engineer, has eyed the liquid, known as Reclamite, for around six years. But pulling the trigger never made sense until recently because the city had fallen behind in repaving its 220 lane miles of streets.

The product works best on newly paved streets, Kremser said.

Streets are being paved again in what officials have touted as record numbers, thanks to a levy funded by a quarter-percent income tax increase.

City residents voted in 2016 to create the levy and renewed it in 2020. Money collected is set aside for road repair and maintenance.

The tax has generated $4.8 million since 2016, which the city has used to leverage additional state grants in order to pave 98 streets. City council approved a $2.1 million repaving program in May, which will lead to another 54 resurfaced streets by the end of this year. 

“So we’re catching up now,” Kremser said. “There’s still quite a backlog, but …….

Source: https://www.ashlandsource.com/solutions/how-a-pink-liquid-could-save-ashland-money-on-maintaining-streets/article_0c2af0c4-17c3-11ec-83b9-d77fe6bf47d3.html