July 4, 2022


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How Renting Baby Equipment Is Saving Time, Money, And The Environment – Forbes

Baby Equipment Foto Giuseppe Di Viesto Baby equipment can be very costly, and something pare.......

Baby Equipment

Foto Giuseppe Di Viesto

Baby equipment can be very costly, and something parents must invest in regularly. The constant purchases translate into a rise in the production of goods, which in turn leads to more waste. This directly impacts our planet, and drastically increases our ecological footprint. To explore how parents are finding ways to make baby gear consumption more affordable and environmentally friendly, I spoke with a leader in the baby gear rental market, Duygu Sefa, Founder and CEO of Babonbo, a baby gear rental marketplace & service that helps make parents’ lives easier with travel and long term rentals. Babonbo, Baby On Board, was born out of the necessity to provide support, ease, and flexibility to families, while breaking traditional consumerism ways, by renting only what is needed for as long as necessary, instead of repeatedly purchasing. Offering no compromise on quality or variety of choice, the items are delivered right to your door, directly from parents’ unused personal inventory. The Airbnb of baby gear provides the long-awaited ease parents have longed for.

Leveraging Duygu Sefa’s 10+ years of career experience and entrepreneur expertise, we looked at new data from Prosper Insights & Analytics and discussed the ways parents are buying baby equipment and how they can find alternative solutions to save the environment and make their lives easier. Babonbo has given the rental service (both long term and short term) so far only in Italy and thanks to a mobile app we have just launched we are expanding our presence in other countries in Europe through local providers (parents or local second-hand shops) coming onboard to rent out their unused baby equipment to other families to help other families to save money, …….

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/garydrenik/2021/10/28/how-renting-baby-equipment-is-saving-time-money-and-the-environment/