July 4, 2022


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Money Matters: Saving for a large expense? Raise money like an entrepreneur – Daily Herald

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Young couple, satisfied customers choosing fridges in appliances store. <!–

If you are starting a business or are simply in the business of running your life, here’s some advice for you: “Don’t wait to turn your business idea into a reality.”

That advice comes from Pete Ord, founder of client onboarding software company GuideCX. His recent article in the Daily Herald, “How Bootstrapping Can Help Get Your Business Idea Off the Ground,” shares how to start a business basically from scratch. Reading it, I realized that his advice could apply to anyone!

So if you have a big expense coming up — like a vacation, a downpayment on a car or even a new appliance — keep reading for some gold-standard advice on how to raise money as the entrepreneur of your own life. As you start early, research and prioritize, figure out how much you can afford and do what you can with what you have, you’re well on your way to confidently making that big purchase.

Start early

For startups, “securing funding takes a lot longer than you think it will,” said Jamie Johnson at http://uschamber.com. “On average, it can take 14 to 19 months between funding rounds. For that reason, you need to start networking with investors and looking for funding before you feel ready.”

Let’s say you are a parent …….

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