July 4, 2022


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Saving the Planet: Saving Money? – ITV News

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This week’s climate conference COP26 in Glasgow has been described as the best chance by global leaders to get runaway climate change under control.

In tonight’s episode, scientist and weather presenter Laura Tobin explores what a carbon-zero Britain will look like and asks what can we all do to save money and save the planet.

Climate change is not something that will just affect our children and our grandchildren. Iis here and now. We are changing the weather. These are enormous risks for very large numbers of people

Professor Ed Hawkins, University of Reading

Every time we burn fossil fuels it releases greenhouse gases, raising the earth’s temperature. As the government steps up measures to tackle climate change, gas and oil boilers in our homes will be phased out. But the green energy of the future could eventually save us money on our ever increasing bills.

A pioneering project in the town of Seaham in County Durham will be using the natural warmth found in disused coal mines to provide heating and hot water for a new development of 1,500 homes.

The intention Is that the end users would pay less than the equivalent price of gas for their heat. This new type of cleaner, greener heating means the homes will not need any gas supply, and could be completely carbon free. 

The first mine water heated homes …….

Source: https://www.itv.com/news/2021-11-02/saving-the-planet-saving-money