July 4, 2022


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Saving water and money outdoors | News – Southernminn.com

At a time when Minnesota is experiencing droughts, we are fortunate.......

At a time when Minnesota is experiencing droughts, we are fortunate in the Cannon River Watershed that we have access to plenty of groundwater. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to watch how we are using our water.

One reason our water bills are so low in Minnesota is that we have abundant groundwater. Groundwater is like a bank account, and if we all use too much water, especially during a drought, it’s possible to “overdraw” that water “bank account,” leading to water shortages. What’s more, every gallon of water that we use on our lawns and gardens costs money in the form of our water bills.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to use less water, save money, and give our outdoor plants all the water they need, even during a drought.

One reason people water their lawns is to “keep grass alive.” According to landscapers, once established, most lawns that turn yellow or brown during a dry period will green up as soon as the rain returns. This is more a sign of grass “dormancy” than death. You can also make your lawn more resilient to drying out by letting it grow taller. Keeping your grass 3-4 inches tall means that your grass roots will also grow 3-4 inches into the ground, allowing them to access more soil moisture. Taller grass also fights off weeds better than 1-2 inch grass.

Installing a rain barrel provides …….

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